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Every year, since 2002, TRCA GÎM honours a senior who has distinguished himself or herself in the region by his or her actions. TRCA GÎM thus wishes

  • to value the contribution of seniors by recognizing their contribution to the region and
  • to encourage the participation of the population in promoting the positive aspects of aging.

Here are the people who have been honoured over the years:

2002: Mr. Bertrand (Bert Cyr)
2003: Mr. Donat Fournier
2004: Ex-æquo Ms Aurélienne Aucoin and Mr. Réjean Lebreux
2005: Ms Madeleine Lebreux
2006: Ms Marie Aspirot
2007: Mr. Jacques Plourde
2008: Ex-æquo Ms Anne-Marie Marin and Ms Béatrice Coffin
2009: Mr. Guy Dugal
2010: Ms Olivine Bernatchez
2011: Father Claude Allard
2012: Mr. John Lapointe
2013: Ms Bérengère Therrien
2014: Mr. André Beaudin
2015: Mr. Maurice Anglehart
2016: Ms Micheline Pelletier
2017: Mr. Henri Hotton
2018: Ms Micheline Lapierre Vigneau